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Hi! Thanks for making it this far! Your first question may be “are you taking new patients“? The answer is always yes! So with that out of the way, my name is Andrew and I am the Practice Manager at Trenton Pet Hospital, and although you may not see me as often as my other team members, I’m definitely working hard behind the scenes to ensure Dr. Jinni and the family here at Trenton Pet Hospital are operating smoothly, efficiently and with care. Now that you know who I am, I’d like to give you some food for thought.

When looking for a Veterinarian, people often turn to Google. Searches such as “vets near me” and “vets in my area” will serve up listings of Veterinarians in your geographic area – exactly what Google was designed to do! But we often ask – should the proximity of your Veterinarian be the deciding factor when looking for a medical provider for your beloved pet? While the general area is definitely a convenience factor, the truth is, our own family doctors are rarely within a 10 minute drive of our home. Of course, we don’t have the luxury of choosing our GPs like we do our Vet, so we can afford to pick and choose. But what other factors do we consider? Price, word of mouth, services offered and overall “vibe” (let’s say your first impression when you call us, for example) are usually high-ranking on that list. And I’ll be honest, we are not the cheapest clinic in the area. While extremely price-conscious in everything we do, we follow the annual fee guide set out by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Jinni performs all care using gold-standard medicine. This means including items such as pain management, fear free medication, fluids and so much more as standard to a procedure such as a spay or neuter, that other clinics either do not include to keep the overall cost low, or offer as extras.
All of those items have real costs. It is not cheap to run a clinic, and we’re not here to make lots of money – we would have chosen different careers if that was the case! We are here because of our passion for pet care. It’s what gets us up each day, and gives us satisfaction when we go home tired.

To us, this is all about relationships. Everything we do is relationship-based. The relationship with you, your pet, your family and our team. Relationships require mutual trust, respect and communication. We aim to provide service to clients who embody everything we stand for. We aren’t here to serve everyone, and the truth is, we aren’t able to. We are here to serve clients who believe in prevention as the key to helping their pets live longer, healthier, happier lives. This means annual vaccines, parasite control (flea/tick and heartworm prevention), annual blood work to create a baseline and allow us to see diseases before they progress, to mention a few. We’ve even gone as far as providing Health Plans to include all of these important pieces of your pet’s healthcare, and broken them down with budget-friendly monthly payments.

Prevention ultimately saves you money, reducing your Vet bills and helping to eliminate otherwise avoidable sick visits (which are never cheap). More importantly, it gives your pet a better quality of life.

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