Health Plans

At Trenton Pet Hospital, we believe in preventative medicine. Providing your pet with the preventative care they need to live happier, longer, healthier lives is exactly why Dr. Jinni believes in the importance of offering health plans, sometimes also referred to as wellness plans.

What is a health plan? Health plans are not insurance; however, we do highly recommend all pets be put on insurance as early on in their life as possible. Health plans are created to provide budgeted monthly payments to spread out the cost of annual exams, parasite control, blood work, urine analysis, and other items that are part of your pet’s yearly health cost. Of course, there are definite perks, including discounts on food, products, prescriptions, and services, along with complimentary dental consultations, nail trims*, anal gland expressions* and more!

GoFetch! New for 2021, Canadian developed GoFetch is a membership-based app for all our clients who are signed up for a health plan. This exciting app gives you 5% cash back on a virtual credit card to be used for all in-clinic purchases! This means you can instantly start spending your cash-back dollars on food, services, and products ON TOP of your health plan discount! It doesn’t stop there! Your GoFetch account gives you FREE 24/7 access to a veterinary professional via live chat or phone, and a summary of your conversation, concerns and direction will be sent directly to us for follow up.

So which plan is right for you and your pet, and how much does it cost? Let us get started!

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