Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire! We remain curbside for appointments, so please scan the QR code on the building with your smartphone camera and follow the link to check-in, or check-in by visiting our website and following the appropriate link.

Below is general pricing for some of our treatments that our team may suggest for the annual prevention and well-being of your pet:

Prices exclude HST.

We look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Jinni & Team

Annual Wellness Visit  $  185.00
Lyme Vaccine  $    67.50
Flea and Tick Prevention (average sized dog, 3 months of protection)  $    78.99
Heartworm Prevention (average sized dog, 6 months of protection)  $  118.99
Adult Wellness Bloodwork (includes fecal analysis and ProBNP)  $  274.40
Senior Wellness Bloodwork (includes fecal + urinalysis and ProBNP)  $  369.40
Annual Wellness Visit  $  185.00
Flea and Tick Prevention (average sized cat, 3 months of protection)  $    67.99
Flea and Tick Prevention with Heartworm (average sized cat, 3 months of protection)  $    45.99
Dewormer (average sized cat, 3 months of protection)  $    15.99
Wellness Bloodwork (includes fecal analysis)  $  316.90
Senior Wellness Bloodwork (includes fecal + urinalysis)  $  374.40