Picture an ever growing industry … one that is constantly changing, constantly improving it’s technology and it’s theories. Picture entering into something that is not only overwhelmingly exciting, but also unique and unmatched in passion. Now stick yourself in the middle of it surrounded by professionals, professors and … PUPPIES! Welcome to The National Pet Industry Trade Show, 2018.

Despite coming from a background that is fairly far from the veterinary field, I knew I could manage my way around a show that literally revolves around the pleasure of your pet. That’s not to say that learning about the benefits of hemp seed and oregano for your pet’s dermatological needs isn’t enough to make your brain melt, but at least I could actually understand exactly what we were all there for.

Let’s start from the beginning: There I was standing at the front of Hall 5 at the International Centre in Toronto, hundreds of booths and thousands of people flooding the slim isles in front of me — majority of whom were pulling a fancy leather wheelie bag behind them. As I struggled to keep hold of the bundles of booklets and the tacky reusable bag I was handed at the front, I realized I may have stood out a little. Me being a 24 year old in the midst of one of the biggest Trade Shows in the industry, in my ripped jeans and loose plunge back blouse and a massive silly grin on my face, I could barely contain my excitement as I watched everyone mingle. I felt a small bump against my back leg and as I turned around to apologize for standing like a statue, I found myself staring down at a massive Standard Poodle. She was a little hard to miss considering her coat was fluffed and died baby blue and purple with bright pink ears and a poof on her tail that reminded me of a Ankylosaurus.

As I proceeded to praise the pretty pooch I realized how rude I was being and introduced myself to her owner and apologized for not saying hello. She laughed, shook my hand and told me that it was fine and she does the exact same thing to other’s. These people here … these are my people.

As I made my way down the isles, slowly but surely assessing whether or not the items were relevant to my clinic, a few themes stood out:

1. Technology

2. Style

3. Uniqueness

When referring to technology in the veterinary field, automatically our brains may go to radiographs, laser treatments, chemistry analyzers blahblah OKAY! My point here is that technology in this field refers to e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Ranging from those high tech machines that have made it possible for us to assess and address various diagnosis for your pet, all the way to toys. My favourite among everything easily was the Eyenamal Multi/Dart Laser. This impressive little gadget was merely a freestanding sporadically rotating laser that (as the name suggests) darts around the room so your kitty will go mental attempting to catch the light.

Many can safely say that the 20teens has brought more style than anything else. Leonardo DiCaprio brought us the man bun, Kylie Jenner brought us her lip kit and Elon Musk brought us Tesla. We all want everyone else to know that we’re “hip with the times” (kids still say that, right?) so we like to show off. One prime example is the most boujee way to feed your pet EVER! It’s called The PetKit; an automatic dispenser that you program to your pet’s dietary needs. This handy gadget only dispenses a certain amount of kibble on the hour you program it to release, so your pet is no longer overeating. In it’s gorgeous Tiffany blue, it just drips luxury!

Unique. Such an impressive word considering it has some many definitions. As defined by the handy dandy inter-webs: “Being the only one of it’s kind; unlike anything else”. I believe that was the whole point of this show … to exhibit just how different a “toy” can be depending on the vision. Some dogs love a Tasty Bone — a newfangled technology that infuses that starch based bone with natural flavour so they can actually eat their toy after gnawing on it for days. And then there are puppies like mine, who just like to be slapped with a dirty sock once in a while and proceed to parade it around the house like it’s a prized duck. Unique … because what fun is it to be just like everyone else? We want to stand out. We want to give you something you have never seen before and provide you with an experience for you and your pet that you can’t find anywhere else.

Being unique in such a unique field is a challenge, so that’s where we need YOU. Next time you come visit us with your pup, cat, hedgehog, ferret, degu, guinea pig or mouse, let us know what they love to do and what they enjoy playing with! We are devoted to pet’s and their people, so it all starts with your fur babies and you.

X0 Liz